Hash Commandments

Thou shalt honour thy GM and RA, no matter what nonsense they speaketh.

Thou shalt keep Saturdays holy and for hashing and not indulge in fornication with wives, secretaries, concubines, dogs, sheep or cattle.

When gifted a down-down, thou shalt consume the amber nectar in its entirety or wear it on thy head.

Thou shalt do thy fair share of hares and not be a cheap bastard.

When on the trail, thou shalt call On-On when on paper and not be a whisperer.

Dost thou promise to never join the foul band known as short cutters; for their ways are evil and will lead you into the shiggy?

Thou shalt refrain from expectorating, urinating, defecating, masturbating or fornicating on the holy Hash trail.

When in the Circle, thou shalt enthusiastically make your contributions in the form of charges, jokes, songs or true stories and not be a wet rag.

When charged, thou shalt take thy punishment like a true Hasher and never refuse or whinge and moan like a little bitch.

Thou shalt refrain from thinking or wanking in the circle.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against another hasher unless it’s really funny and at least 2% true.

Thou shalt honour the adage – “What happens on the Hash, stays on the Hash”

Thou shalt take what happens on the Hash in the spirit of playfulness and not be whiny little toad.

When awarded the Hash Shit, thou willst wear it proudly around thy neck.