Hash Scribe for run 1915 by Bum Chum

Run Site: The Pipe Dream, Koswatta.

RA: Miss Piggy

On Sec: Lick my Jello

Hares: Victorias Secret (virgin hare), Sock Washer, Come in my sock & Plastic Knob

The RA invited critique of the run and walk. Trail laid on left and right, long on in, not enough checks but all in all a great run and walk.

There then followed a charge from the floor calling in all the miscreants that were not in proper hash attire.

Rather earlier than usual the hares song was then given with a solo rendition by Plastic Knob of Irian Jaya with the pack failing gallantly in joining in with the chorus.

Hump a Hobbit was welcomed to the CHHH as a new member.

A round of bad, very bad and awful jokes then ensued giving those in need time to grasp another cold tinnie.

We then wished Sock Washer a happy birthday in the usual hash way with him just about managing to blow out the candles on his cake.

On Sec ran through a list of anniversaries.

Then it was time for Obnoxious Nationality. There were four nominations, Sri Lanka, Great Britain, Japan and one other that escapes me now. After a truly democratic process Sri Lanka emerged as the obnoxious nationality.

All low profilers were then called in for a down down, you know who you were.

The Banglestein song was given for the late comer Inspector Pussy also not in hash attire, tut, tut.

On On the hash and on to a lovely BBQ care of Sock Washer (who had hopefully washed his hands before doing the cooking)

Your scribe for the day: Bumchum