The Hash Paintball Tournament 2022

Welcome to the registration page for the Hash Paintball Tournament 2022!

You can look forward to an exciting day filled with adrenaline-inducing combat. This is your chance to shoot the shit out of your fellow hashers.

The tournament will happen at Action Park Paintball arena in Hanwella. You can find a map to the location down on this page. It’s pretty easy to find. The competition is open to Hashers and friends but please keep in mind that you have to be over 14 to participate in the tournament. That being said, feel free to bring your ankle biters if you wish, there are other activities they can participate in.

This will be a day event. On-site registration and team allocation will start at 0900hrs on the 24th of September, so please try to be at the arena no later than 0830hrs, if you are driving yourself. It takes about an hour to get to Hanwella from Colombo, so leave on time. There is plenty of parking on site but try to carpool if you can. There is of course going to be a bus, so you can save yourself some driving if you wish to.

The tournament itself will kick off at 0930hrs on the dot. Please go through all the information on this page.

The cost per person for the tournament is Rs. 7,500/-

This covers the gear you will need for the games, 200 rounds of ammunition (Extra Paintballs are Rs.800 for 100 Paintballs.), lunch of your choice (options in rego form), and of course beer on tap plus other beverages and Hash fees.

It would be a good idea to bring along some extra cash with you if you want to take part in any of the other activities like ATV riding, water rafting, etc.

Please hand over your cash to Plastic Knob or direct deposit to the account in the email confirmation you receive after registration. Please Whatsapp the receipt to PK. 

Cut off date for registration is the 20th of September, as there is a stupid amount of organization that needs to be done well in time. Please do think carefully before you put your name down, as last-minute cancellations will cause a lot of disruption in team allocations. Any money paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.

0800hrs – Meet at the pickup point (Opposite Cafe Noir, Pelawatta)

0900hrs – Arrive at Action Park Arena

0915hrs – Registration and Team allocation

0920hrs – Orientation by Shane and PK

0930hrs – Games commence

1300hrs – Break for lunch

1500hrs – Hash Circle

1700hrs – End of the event, time to go back home

Paintball Game Scoring for the Tourney.

  • Format Center Capture The Flag
  • 5 to 10 person teams
  • Game time 5 mins
  • Pull Flag 30 points
  • Hang Flag 50 points
  • Eliminations (kills) 1 points. Max 10
  • Live player 1 points. Max 10


  • -50 for swearing
  • -100 wiping
  • -50 for playing on plus another closest player ejected
  • -100 for throwing the gun, plus the player ejected from the tournament.

At the end of each team playing up to 3 games, the 10 highest points teams will advance to the next round and will play 2 more games per Team. Then the top 2 teams will go to the final.

Total points possible per team per game = 100 points

The number of games to be played (depends on the number of teams participating) (Min 2. Max 3))

Rain or shine we will play
Maximum number of teams will be 40
Each team will play a minimum of 2 games & Maximum of 3 games (Depends on the number of teams)
Each game will be 5 minutes long

You cannot bring your own Paintballs. You can, however, bring your own Mechanical Marker. They must shoot under 300fps through our radar. (If you bring your own marker you are responsible for calibrating it to shoot 300fps or less using your own paintballs)

Each player is given 200 paintballs for the entire Tournament. After each game, you will have the opportunity to collect any paintballs on the field. Keep in mind though that since they have already been fired, they may not work so great but it is still a good option if you need more paintballs. If you need extra Paintballs they will cost Rs. 800 for 100 Paintballs.

If your team is not on the field when called by the scheduled time, the opposing team will automatically win and their average score will be given.
If several teams are tied, To evaluate a winner, the game times will be used to judge a winner. The lower the amount of time taken to win a game by a team will be used as a deciding factor as to which team wins and moves on.

Shane, the owner of Action Park will give you all the instructions and training regarding the game and its rules before the game. It’s his game and his rules, you better listen to him or you might have to get out. Seriously!

Very important to note!!

Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed to play after alcohol consumption. You can have as much as you want if/when your team is eliminated. 

What is Paintball? In 15 short years, the sport of paintball has become recognized as one of the world’s most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Whether homemakers or high-school students, professionals or retirees, all paintball players share in common a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit.

Capture the Flag Paintball is a combination of the childhood games “tag” and “hide & seek,” but is much more challenging and sophisticated. Although there are many different game formats, typically a group of players will divide into two teams to play “capture the flag.” The number of players on each team can vary from one or two, five or seven or ten, to over 1,000 on a side, limited only by the size of the playing field.

The object of the game is to go out and capture the other team’s flag while protecting your own. While you are trying to capture a flag, you also try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball expelled from a special air gun called a “paint gun.” Games run from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the field and the number of players. Between games, players take a break to check their equipment, get more paintballs and have a snack or soda while they share stories about the thrills of victory and the usually funny agonies of defeat. Win or lose, everyone has a good time and there’s usually the next game waiting for you.

Paintballs A paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with colored liquid inside it. Paintballs are similar to large round vitamin capsules or bath oil beads. The fill inside paintballs is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water.
Paintballs come in a rainbow of bright colors: blue, pink, white, orange, yellow and more. When a paintball tags a player, the thin gelatin skin splits open, and the liquid inside leaves a bright “paint” mark. A player who is marked is eliminated from the game.

Paintguns Paint guns also called “markers,” come in a variety of shapes and styles. They may be powered by carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) or compressed air. Many have power systems that use large refillable cylinders called “tanks” or “bottles” that give hundreds of shots before needing to be refilled. Paintguns range from simple to sophisticated, but what they all share in common is a limitation on their power and range. The international safety limit on the speed (measured in feet per second, “FPS”) at which a paintgun shoots a paintball is 300 fps. A chronograph is used to test for speed limits, and all paintguns can be adjusted to shoot under the speed limit. A paintgun’s range is limited, too; even shooting 300 fps, at maximum elevation with the barrel pointed up into the air, a paintgun can lob a paintball about 90 yards.

Safety For safety, paintball players always must wear goggles specifically designed for paintball to protect their eyes. Goggles must be worn during a game and at all times when a person is in an area where shooting is permitted, such as the target range or chronograph area. A protective facemask is mandatory nearly everywhere and should be worn regardless. Paintball is a very safe sport as long as safety rules are followed. Insurance statistics have shown that paintball is safer than golf, jogging, tennis, swimming and many other sports. Eye protection will be provided to all participants.
Referees on the field enforce safety and game rules. No physical contact is permitted in the game, and players are ejected from games or the play site for breaking safety or playing rules. Fields have boundaries, and a player who steps outside a field’s boundary is eliminated from that game.

The Game Paintball is a sport played by people from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where women and men compete equally, and where age is not dominated by youth. Like a game of chess, being able to think quickly and decisively is what makes you a star in paintball. Intelligence and determination, not merely strength, speed or agility, are key to success in the sport.

Paintball is a character-building sport. Players learn about teamwork, gain self-confidence and develop leadership abilities while having fun and getting welcome stress-relief. Increasingly, corporations are finding the benefits of having their staff and management participate in paintball games.
Paintball is an exciting sport, and above all paintball is fun! It’s a chance to shake off your day-to-day responsibilities and rekindle your spirit of adventure. When the adrenaline starts pumping, you can’t help but love the thrill of the game!

What to Expect Before the games start we will have an orientation meeting to explain field rules, Use of paintguns, Safety and select teams. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand.

After you have been assigned to a team for the game, let the team captain or the other players know that you are a new player and will take suggestions and work with the team. If they know you want to learn or that you will work with them things will go better. Buddy up with at least one other player so you can cover each other while refilling air for the guns or loading paintballs. Take a tip from veteran players.

Try to avoid typical rookie mistakes. When moving through open ground with no cover, have someone on your team give you cover fire. Move quickly, and never stop in the open. Try to run a zigzag pattern. Scan ahead for suitable cover that will hide your whole body. When you get good cover, look around, and when you are prepared to give cover fire, have your teammates advance in leap-frog fashion. Rookies usually stay in one place too long. If you stay put too long, the other team will find you and shoot you. Do not let your fear of being shot for the first time make you play too cautiously. If you have a fear of being shot, you need to force yourself to be aggressive. Usually, after the first couple of times, the fear of getting hit leaves you. Another good habit to develop is to check behind your back every so often. It will prevent your getting shot in the back and allows you to keep tabs on your teammates’ locations.

After the first couple of games, you will get to know some of the better players on your team. You can learn a lot by watching them play. Ask them questions between games because most will be glad to give you reasons why they do certain things. Use what you feel will work for you and forget the rest.

These guidelines will give you a considerable edge on most new players and even some experienced players. Don’t forget you are playing paintball to have some adventure and fun. Keep your sense of humor, expect to be shot some and have a great time.

What to bring and wear

1. Wear two layers of clothing. Typically a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt.
2. A Hat worn backward with the mask provided provides excellent protection.
3. Wear loose-fitting bottoms and an extra pair of shorts inside which will provide more protection.
4. Socks and shoes are mandatory. Sports shoes will provide greater traction.
5. Paper towels or paper napkins for cleaning the mask and gun.
6. Water and other beverages to keep you hydrated.
7. Snacks and other food items as needed.
8. Extra clothes to wear back home.
9. Signed and completely filled Waiver to play paintball. Can be filled at the field.
10. Proof of Identity (NIC, DL, Passport)

Registrations are closed as of the 20th.

Arosha Jayasundera Mahen Perera
Asiri Boyagoda Malvika Verma
Aven Peran Mia Abeywardana
Chulanga Kariyawasam Michael Perera
Dev Wijetunge Olga Afonina
Faizal Bahaudeen Romesh Vidanage
Insiyah Davoodbhoy Roshnie De Saram
Javan Fernando Shamila Fernando
Joey Desmarais Sharlene Perera
Karen Kiel Tasha Wijetunga
Leon Prescott Tharindu Wijetunga